A Bot on your careers site

An assistant for you and your candidates

Offer your candidates a new experience…

A genuinely new kind of initial contact.

The days of interminable forms and applications that don’t get a response are over. The Bot guides candidates to relevant vacancies and offers a more fluid, dynamic applications process.


... and free up your staff from tasks with limited added value…

3 steps in 1

Optimise the application process, sorting CVs and pre-screening.

An integrated approach: answers to scored questions before the candidate submits an application, video pre-screening or a multiple-choice questionnaire with a focus on soft skills/hard skills at the end of the qualification phase.

... for a highly effective sourcing strategy.

Finally make the most of unsolicited applications

Unsolicited applications often go unnoticed because of a lack of appropriate tools.

The Bot receives and segments unsolicited applications to help exploit your talent pool and avoid re-sourcing costs.


3 steps in 1

The Bot receives applications, sorts CVs and pre-screens candidates by video.

A new candidate pathway

Candidates are no longer directed to the interminable forms in your applications software; instead, they can apply for your vacancies in a few clicks from the chatbot.

A chatbot that looks like you

Our team supports you at every stage of your project, from design to custom graphics, deployment, review and KPIs.

Plug & Play

The Bot connects directly to your careers site and picks up the vacancies available on your ATS.


Aimed at international businesses as well as higher education institutions, our solutions adapt to numerous different situations.

Are you spending hours sifting and pre-screening applications?
The Bot selects only the applications that meet your criteria, allowing you to focus on tasks with more human added value.

Do you receive thousands of unsolicited applications?
The Bot segments the applications submitted and helps you exploit the potential in your talent pool.

Endless, off-putting application forms, ahigh drop-out rate and low conversion rate from the applications you receive?
By guiding your candidates through specific questions, the Bot helps improve the relevance of the applications you receive and maximises your conversion rates.

Lengthy recruitment processes with candidates left waiting for feedback?
The Bot optimises and speeds up the early stages of the recruitment process by providing an immediate response to applications that don’t meet your criteria.

Employer brand and candidate experience a bit old-school?
Candidates appreciate innovation. Even if the job is the same, generation Z will opt for a business that’s innovative (22%) and fun (25%). BNP Paribas and The Boson Project study 2015

+ 66 % of candidates say they are comfortable talking to a chatbot
(source: Allegis study)
60 % of candidates abandon an overly long or complicated recruitment process
(source: Career Builder)
33 % One out of three applications from young graduates are motivated by the employer brand
(source: LinkedIn study)


How does it work?

1 Engage your candidates from the start

The candidate accesses the Bot on your careers site. They submit an unsolicited application or enter their selection criteria to look for one or more vacancies.

2 Quickly decide whether to proceed with the application

The candidate selects a vacancy, completes their contact details once they have accepted the conditions of use and answers a few scored questions to qualify their application and submit their CV.

3 Video pre-screening (optional)

At this stage, you can use the Bot to send the candidate a link automatically, to complete an easyRECrue video interview to check their profile in more detail.

3 Shortlist the best applications

If their application meets your criteria, it goes straight through to the pre-screening phase, with the opportunity to complete a video interview and/or test to assess their skills.

You receive their application pack.


EASYRECRUE opens office in Dubaï

This summer is going to be a hot one for EASYRECRUE: by opening a new office in Dubaï, the best-of-breed recruiting software company, enters a market with strong innovation and hiring needs.

A breeding ground for the Parisian start-up pursuing its international expansion.

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